As a mesmerizing dusk sweeps the sky to a picturesque scenery !

As a child, I wondered the marvel that God is weaving in the sky at the time of dusk. The sky is an alluring wonder carpet which sweeps a variety of patterns each time we take a look at it. In short, it’s a sight that couldn’t even be recreated by a talented graphic designer. Staring into the dusky sky and watching how the yellow horizon spreads gradually has always been my childhood fascination. Not me, I guess, you all would have stared like me into the sky right? That’s the marvel that God has created which cannot be explained.


The above snap was shot by me from my neighborhood at International City, Dubai. The sky is an illustration of patterns that have been blended in a unique manner. The movements of the spongy clouds render a beautiful look and feel to the sky. So, why we love watching sky? It’s because our sense of vision attracts colours, for eg, we are attracted to colourful flowers, bright shades in dresses, bright colours when we paint, even we use various colourful items as our home decors, its because of our sensory vision towards colours.

Our eyes have pigmentation to attract colours, it’s obvious. But for us watching and enjoying the dusk sky and the horizon when sunsets and sunrises are something different. We are attracted to it because of our curiosity in finding out what is happening there, how God has created it marvellously or was God the father of Graphic designing? Haha! Obviously Yes! he created us, so he has done everything that we have done millions of years ago.


Again a snap from my terrace. The yellow and orange blended pattern that spreads the horizon when the sun disappears is a sight that shouldn’t be missed out. There are even locations in various tourist spots like in hilltops, beaches, valleys to watch the sunset in a more clear manner. Obviously, we all have seen sunsets and sunrises during our vacation trips. In Dubai, I have seen sunrise and sunset at Radisson Blu, Dibba, Fujairah where you can see from beach facing rooms.

Dusk sky is special to me rather than dawn sky, it’s because when sunsets we can see a flock of birds flying in a definite pattern towards their nests. It’s a beautiful treat for eyes. We wouldn’t be able to find a vast number of birds fluttering and flying in the sky during any other time of the day. It’s a sight that doesn’t need any captions. Non-filtered pictures can be best shot in a dusky sky as the sky itself is a magical pattern which does not need any additional effects.

I love to take the snaps of the dusky sky and presenting my three snaps of different patterns in this blog post. I know there would be many who would take a snap at seeing a beautiful and mesmerizing sky when sun diminishes from the sky. Hope all my dear followers are having an awesome weekend and finishing all a fabulous 2018. Wish you all a yellowish orangish skyish (haha!) year ahead!



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Make this Valentine’s day memorable with Choice Flowers, UAE!

Hand Bouquets 23.pngThe love for flowers is evident in all humans! be it in the form of your own home garden, terrace garden, love for bouquets, dried flowers, fresh flowers, etc. the list is endless. The mesmerizing feel flowers can give our eyes is heavenly. Of Course! we all love flowers. We love not just to nurture our home garden, visit flower shows, floral expos, but also we gift our special ones with flowers. The spark and the feel of warmth one receive when you gift them fresh flowers is eternal.

So, are you living in the UAE? Then, you have the best flower vendors deliver at your doorstep. It’s Choice Flowers,  I will be able to give you a genuine personal testimonial on Choice flowers as I won a magnificent rose bouquet for my friend, Jane Jerin in Abu Dhabi in their social media contest last month. The bouquet was so unique and my friend loved it. They have the right choice for you as their name suggests, trust me!

As Feb is the month of flowers, precisely roses, ChoiceFlowers has numerous giveaways and offers that you shouldn’t miss out at any cost. Celebrate this rose day in style by taking part in the Rose day Giveaway (Rose Day Feb 7) on the social media platforms of Choice flowers like FB and Instagram

Surprise your special ones on this rose day by winning the rose day giveaway. Celebrate your Valentine’s day even more special with them by preordering your bouquets and flowers in order to avail free delivery + VAT FREE + No price hike. Wow! that sounds insane, right? Normally all the shops increase the price of roses during the month of February due to Valentine’s day. But Choice has something really unique if you book in advance as no VAT on their existing prizes plus free delivery to your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to this website   to get an idea about their services and book your favorite bouquet for your loved one. Make this Valentine’s 2018 a memorable one. Experience a VAT free, no price hike flower bouquet from Choice Flowers. Also, stay hooked to their Instagram account to find some special promotions in live streaming. They are also giving special promo codes to my followers here.  So, follow my blog and I will email you the promo code for your flower orders.

Stay blessed and enjoy to the fullest this February. Wishing all a flowery blast on Valentine’s 2018. Follow me to get Promo offers during your orders!


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Isha Kriya at Dubai Yesterday

“Isha” means that which is the source of creation. “Kriya” means an inward action towards that. Isha Kriya is a simple yet powerful tool to move from untruth to truth. – Sadhguru Isha Kriya is free, simple, and easy to practice. Available as a guided meditation with an instructional video and downloadable instructions, it […] via […]

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An evening towards a healthy lifestyle for women in Dubai

Whispering Palms

Her Health First! A FREE event organized by Yello Feathers at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek on November 18, Saturday turned out to be an inspiring and informative package for all the lovely ladies present. For those who don’t have an idea about what’s it all about, let me brief about HerHealthFirst.

It’s actually a platform created by a UAE mom named Mariyah to create awareness about the growing health issues faced by present generation women especially married ladies. Mariyah is also the admin of the facebook page Gynae+ Paeds& Mums along with a lovely UAE mom and Doctor Anum Ali.
The 4-hour event consisting of talks by eminent personalities expertised in the field of health was really an eye opener for all the ladies present for the event.
Elena Andrioti handled the opening session in a really interactive manner on the topic of postpartum well being. The…

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Top 5 Content Curation Tools to help content marketers!

Whispering Palms

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” are the words of Brian Clark, CEO of Rainmaker Digital, founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployable, and curator of Further. Writing something is actually a means to pump out our feelings, emotions, and ideas about certain topics. Why do we stick to writing? It’s a way by which we can flush out our inner feelings and a pen and paper can work wonders what speech can’t. These days we are seeing a tremendous increase in content writing jobs. Are you a passionate writer who’s freelancing or blogging? Then this is a must-read for you.

Have you heard about Content Curation? These days content curation has turned out to be quite popular among online marketers and businesses for attracting audience towards their brand. For beginners, content curation is a process of finding information relevant…

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