Make this Valentine’s day memorable with Choice Flowers, UAE!

Hand Bouquets 23.pngThe love for flowers is evident in all humans! be it in the form of your own home garden, terrace garden, love for bouquets, dried flowers, fresh flowers, etc. the list is endless. The mesmerizing feel flowers can give our eyes is heavenly. Of Course! we all love flowers. We love not just to nurture our home garden, visit flower shows, floral expos, but also we gift our special ones with flowers. The spark and the feel of warmth one receive when you gift them fresh flowers is eternal.

So, are you living in the UAE? Then, you have the best flower vendors deliver at your doorstep. It’s Choice Flowers,  I will be able to give you a genuine personal testimonial on Choice flowers as I won a magnificent rose bouquet for my friend, Jane Jerin in Abu Dhabi in their social media contest last month. The bouquet was so unique and my friend loved it. They have the right choice for you as their name suggests, trust me!

As Feb is the month of flowers, precisely roses, ChoiceFlowers has numerous giveaways and offers that you shouldn’t miss out at any cost. Celebrate this rose day in style by taking part in the Rose day Giveaway (Rose Day Feb 7) on the social media platforms of Choice flowers like FB and Instagram

Surprise your special ones on this rose day by winning the rose day giveaway. Celebrate your Valentine’s day even more special with them by preordering your bouquets and flowers in order to avail free delivery + VAT FREE + No price hike. Wow! that sounds insane, right? Normally all the shops increase the price of roses during the month of February due to Valentine’s day. But Choice has something really unique if you book in advance as no VAT on their existing prizes plus free delivery to your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to this website   to get an idea about their services and book your favorite bouquet for your loved one. Make this Valentine’s 2018 a memorable one. Experience a VAT free, no price hike flower bouquet from Choice Flowers. Also, stay hooked to their Instagram account to find some special promotions in live streaming. They are also giving special promo codes to my followers here.  So, follow my blog and I will email you the promo code for your flower orders.

Stay blessed and enjoy to the fullest this February. Wishing all a flowery blast on Valentine’s 2018. Follow me to get Promo offers during your orders!


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