The delight and livens of parenthood turns more amazing with the birth of triplets



You might be thinking what prompted me to blog on the topic of triplets, being a married woman who is not yet a mom cannot put a halt to my love for children. Being the eldest child in my family, I have seen the stages of all my siblings from their tender age till now. And, my family has just girl children (wow! that seems exciting right? ) Ya, we are the girls only gang! The fun and frolic of only girls in all family events is of a different level. But, we had twins in family, single girl child, two siblings but never had any triplets among us. Of course, in my school days, I had three classmates, two boys and a girl who were triplets. Always thought it would be so fun to have three children of the same age group in the same family.

Recently got to spend some days with my husband’s friends family. They have triplets, one boy and two girls aged 2 years. Hats off to all the parents especially the moms with triplets as normally we find it difficult to control just one child and these people take care of three at the same time. Children are God’s gifts to our lives, be it one or many, we should be happy that we have kids. The fun, chatters, actions, pranks and all other activities of our children keep us engaged and fully absorbed in one way or other. It takes so much patience, careful notice, and a strong mind to take care of small kids especially when they are too small and triplets!

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Let me ask you all a very common question? Why we love kids and why we all pray for blessing us with a healthy child? Yes, that’s it. They make our lives colorful, special, they add more vigour and meaning to our lives, they bond us closer to our partner and family. They are our connections to the past as well as future, They are the images of us that we leave for our parents, our relatives, the next-generation etc., to feel our presence. They relax us, alleviates our pains and struggles, they give us a positive way to move in our lives. In short, children make our life meaningful, special and extraordinary. They turn moms from ordinary woman to super moms. We learn the lesson of multitasking for them.

This is for all the super moms out there. You are all lucky ladies to have blessed with wonderful kids who add color and flavor to your lives. Kids are the soul of your lives. Kids are the inspiration for you to lead a more fruitful life, to show them good examples or role models in their own parents. Gone are the times when we say we set examples for children. This is the time when they lead us and sets new unexplored pathways before us. Taking care of children is a great deal as it involves sleepless nights which is only possible by just one gender in this world, woman, mom!

I am proud to belong to that gender, female, woman and hopefully a mom in the future. Women develop a special core strength on reaching motherhood. They are able to spend sleepless nights, able to run after their kids, could hold their kids for a long time in their hands without becoming tired, can tell tales for kids without interruption, can go back to their childhood and play with their kid. Yes. this is only possible for the women and that I can say with a feeling of pride!


Handling kids is a responsible task and taking care of triplets is a more difficult task. When one kid wants you to take him on your lap the other two wishes the same. When one runs in a direction, the other two runs in other directions. Controlling three kids is a bit difficult task until they attain some maturity. Your life will have to be adjusted in a sense of three in everything. When you feed them too, you have to feed the three together and thus arises the multitasker mom in you. You will learn to cater to the needs of different needs of the three kids at the same time.

Taking care of the kids instills a sense of independent nature in mom. They become more strong, fearless, independent women. So, the credit for you attaining all these great traits goes to your child. Actually, in the process of molding your kids, you are actually empowering and strengthening your skills and potentials to a more stronger level. This transformation that you attain is really incredible ladies, I hope those who have kids might give me a thumbs up. During my interactions with many mommies worldwide I have witnessed their drastic changes when they attain motherhood.


For all the women and mommies out there, thank you and applauds to you for bringing out the fighter in you, showing your different shade to your partners, bringing out the warrior in you, arising your long-hidden multitasking skills, for bringing up your kids to a stronger and independent generation. Be You! Be special, be free, teach your kids to live their dreams and flutter in the vast sky of opportunities, teach them to distinguish the good and bad and raise them as brave kids. Hurray to Womanhood and Motherhood!

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