As a special journey from Ms. to Mrs. advances to 3 years of fulfillment

πŸ’ž Mehndi Nite Memoirs πŸ’ž
Ya! It has been 3 years since my hands πŸ™Œ were dipped with the rang of Mehndi. For every girl, Mehndi nite is a memorable day that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. It was definitely a special and exciting day for me too. .

Marriage πŸ’ one day after this and Mehndi ka rang mere hath mein isse badi khushi kya hei? Yep! super excitement causes a slight tension. Indeed I had tension. But now swiping through these photographs, it brightens up my face 😍.

Loadz of memories, friends, sangeet and fun with cousins. It was indeed a great night. Wanna relive it again and go back to my slim figure 😜

Saree: @seemattitextiles
Jewellery: @bhimajewellers

Thanks a lot for the brilliant photography πŸ“Έ Dark Frame Creations
Photography πŸ“· by @safalmsamad and @weird_ling πŸ’ž

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